Product Releases

Hansen Products is proud to introduce to the HiFlo range of valves the Hansen Super~Flo Trough Valve and the Hansen Max~Flo Trough & Tank Valve.

the Hansen Super~Flo & Max~Flo Valves have been designed with multiple thread and connection combinations to increase overall durability and versatility, the patent pending “Slipper Fit Piston” design to reduce sticking and increase efficiencies, less operating pressure required to reduce pumping costs and increase flows, mini body design for easy installation across a wide range of applications and the ability to operate in clean or dirty water applications.

The Super~Flo & Max~Flo Valves have outperformed all other similar valves we have tested in Clean/Dirty water flows and in operating pressures.

The most important feature of the Super~Flo Valves is “The Valves Do Not Stick” which means Hansen customers get a simple, reliable, high performance valve that “Works”. From our tests we found many other valves simply didn’t perform consistently at low pressure or in dirty water.

The Hansen Max~Flo Valve also features a 30 year time tested performance slow open and close diaphragm to ensure no undue stress is placed on pump lines or pumps. They also operate at lower actuating pressures reliably.

All Hansen Valves go through rigorous testing procedures so that we keep our promise of “Best Installed Value” to our customers.