Product Releases

Hansen Products is Proudly still a New Zealand owned and operated company.

50 years ago Northland Kiwi’s Bert and Dawn Hansen saw an opportunity to manufacture fitting solutions to suit New Zealand conditions. Bert has been described as a string and wire man, but he was incredible at coming up with simple but effective solutions to everyday problems. Bert created all sorts of ‘things’ in the early days, but his early wins came from high performance water valves. Originally these valves were made out of brass and plastics and today this type of technology is still used in valves sold by hundreds of company’s worldwide.

In the late 70’s Bert developed a range of polyethylene (alkathene) easy to use ‘Cold fit pipe fittings’. Back then this completely changed the way in which Kiwi Farmers joined Poly pipe together!

Dawn was the one that kept Bert on track, she made sure the business got paid for all of Bert’s creations. Dawn also kept the business running on a day to day basis so Bert could stay focused finding fitting solutions.


In the mid 80’s Carl, Bert and Dawn’s son became actively involved in the business. Within a short period of time Carl’s experience in engineering and his desire to use the ‘right’ technologies in manufacturing and materials added even more strength to the Hansen Company. The results are the High Quality range of poly pipe fittings we see today. “We had a few teething problems with the original cold fit range, mainly around the single barb being difficult to get past the hard pipe when it was cold and the polycarbonate nuts breaking when a 130 Kg farmer tried to tighten up a 25mm fitting with a 24” pair of stillsons on a -5 deg Southland winters day! Ha, those were some fun learning times but we got those problems sorted, we should have labelled the fittings “Kiwi Proof” says Carl Hansen.

Right back in the beginning Hansen listened to what the customers wanted and today they are still listening!

Customers told us
“We love the Hansen fittings but we would love them even more if we could add a couple of subtle changes”

“The Research and Development team have been working on improving the Hansen Poly fitting for over six months. We feel that after taking into consideration customers feedback we have made the fittings even easier to use than before. But I guess the proof is in the pudding, we will just have to wait and see what they think!” says Hansen’s R&D Manager Phil Collins.

Hansen Easy Fit Poly Nuts!
• Heavy Duty ribs and serrations, this makes the nuts even stronger than before!
• Want to get a Grip on them, tools won’t slip!
• Still made of the 30 year tested Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon (Bert’s secret recipe)
• Hansen Poly Fittings still fits on the same pipes and fittings they always have!

Best of all, these fittings were invented by Kiwis, for Kiwis and today are still made by Kiwis.

The fittings still carry the Hansen Promise of ‘Fit for Purpose’ and ‘Easy to Use!’

We would love your feedback on the new Easy to Use poly Nuts or any of our other products.