HiFlo Valves
What is the difference between the Rain Relief Valve and the Leveller Valve?
The Leveller Valve opens when a pre-defined minimum water level is reached and will fill your entire tank. The Rain Relief Valve will only supplement your tank with either 50mm or 100mm of water, depending on the float orientation. So if it rains shortly afterwards you can continue rain harvesting.  
What is the difference between the Slo~Flo Rain Relief Valve and the Rapid~Flo Rain Relief Valve?
The Rapid~Flo and Slo~Flo Rain Relief Valves are essentially the same valve. The key difference between them is the Rapid~Flo valve is capable of functioning at full flow rate where as the Slo~Flo valve is restricted to 2 l/min to conform to the Sydney Water guidelines.
My rain water supply can get very dirty at times. Can the Rain Relief Valve cope with dirty water?
Yes, both the Slo~Flo and Rapid~Flo Rain Relief Valves are designed to handle dirty water.