HiFlo Valves
I have noticed my pump switching on and off rapidly at times, will your stop this?
Yes, this is called cycling and can drastically reduce the life of your pump. The Hansen is designed to control your pump safely by eliminating pump cycling and providing an adjustable water differential depth in your tank. 
I only irrigate from my tank at night and have a timer on my bore pump. It will only fill my tank at night when I’m irrigating but I still find my bore pump is cycling when I’m irrigating. Will the Hansen help in this situation?
Yes, you will find the reservoir valve you are using at the moment is only supplying a flow close to your irrigation demand, with the Hansen the flow delivery will be much higher and will allow your bore pump to run for less time as well as setting a differential in the tank to enable your pump to shut off for sensible periods.
In my dairy shed at peak water demand times I find my pump is cycling. As demand increases they run continuously and often cannot keep up, resulting in no water in troughs and other areas in my shed. Will your fix this issue?
Yes, as long as your pumps are sized correctly to cover your peak demand the Hansen will help by delivering a much higher flow at a much lower pressure e.g. 400kPa (58 psi) = 772 lpm (170 gpm)
For years now I have had problems with filling my tanks as my water supply can get very dirty at times. I believe I have purchased every valve on the market and all have let me down at some point, will the Hansen finally fix my problem?
Yes, our range of HiFlo Valves are designed to handle dirty water. With the Hansen which is based on our diaphragm valves it is unique in that it has a pin that cleans the pilot hole in the diaphragm every time it opens and closes. In addition to that the gap between the diaphragm and the valve body when open is a huge 14mm further reducing potential blockages.