HiFlo Valves
  • All pipe work must be adequately supported.
  • Use a thread sealant on all threaded connections. We recommend Loctite 5331.
  • If you are using chemicals or have any special requirements that you wish to use your Ball Valves for, please don't hesitate to contact us.


(a) Use a teflon tape sealant or (b) a thread paste sealant. The right sealant for threaded joints is non-hardening, compatible with plastic and doesn’t add slipperiness to encourage over-torquing.

Screw pipe or fitting into Ball Valve, hand tight.

Tighten pipe or fitting another one to two turns until seal achieved. Do not over tighten.


Turn handle clockwise slightly

Put fingers under handle and pull whilst pushing with thumbs on body of valve

Valve is identified as OPEN when centre notch is not parallel with the valve body.
Valve is identified as CLOSED when centre notch is parallel with the valve body.