HiFlo Valves
  • Use a thread sealing paste on female thread. We recommend Loctite 5331.

  • Use graphs in the Which Foot Valve to select the correct size valve.

  • Keep your Foot Valve off the bottom of your water source to eliminate the valve sucking up rubbish.

  • If you are using chemicals or have any special requirements that you wish to use your valve in, go to the Valve Chemical resistance page or don't hesitate to contact us.

Your new Hansen Foot Valve comes ready for installation.

These Instructions are for those situations where you need to clean out the valve in the event that grit or debris has reduced its working efficiency.

Note: Before re-assembling make sure that all components are fully cleaned.

  • Turn Foot Valve body upside down (as per picture).

  • Seat the diaphragm into the valve body.

  • If spring is removed, place it over the pin and turn anti clockwise whilst pushing firmly to retain it on the spigot.

  • Place the cap onto the valve body.

  • Screw the cap fully onto the valve body and tighten down, hand tight only. For the 63mm valve, use the lugs to tighten the cap a further 1/4 to 1/3 turn until it stops.

The information given on this sheet is for guidance only. HANSEN PRODUCTS (NZ) LIMITED accepts no responsibility for the misuse or misapplication of this information.