How many sizes does the Turbo~Twist come in?
The Turbo~Twist is available in a range of versatile connection styles for 32mm & 40mm washdown hose and male or female threaded end connections for custom applications.
What is the Turbo~Twist pressure rating?
The Hansen Turbo~Twist is pressure rated to 8 Bar 800 kPa. 116 psi @ 20°C
What temperature can the water be when using the Hansen Turbo~Twist?
The Hansen Turbo~Twist is rated to 60 Degrees Celsius.
Are there replacement parts for the Hansen Turbo~Twist?
Yes there's a range of replacement parts available.
Is the Turbo~Twist adjustable?
Yes it has a wide range of action and is quickly adjustable between open to fully closed.
How much water does it use?
This is determined in part by your existing washdown system. The best way to move dirt etc is a combination of flow and velocity, which Hansen have taken into account when designing the Turbo~Twist.
What applications can I use a Turbo~Twist in?
Ideal for yard wash, or any other application that requires a combination of flow, pressure and velocity such as washing vehicles, meatworks cleanup, vineyard equipment washing, marine applications and so forth.
I have a 32mm hose, will it fit?
Yes, 32mm and 40mm washdown hose tail adaptors are available for the Turbo~Twist.
Will the Turbo~Twist wash a wide strip?
No but the Hansen Turbo~Sweep has been designed to wash a 900mm wide strip, and includes an economy mode, normal mode and wide mode all in the one nozzle.
What hose clamp can I use on the Turbo~Twist?
Hansen have developed a new clamping system which eliminates the traditional stainless steel clamp method. The new Hansne Easy Clamp will not cut your hands or wrist, although any hose clamp can be used.
I’m sick of having to un-twist my hose every day after washing down - how can you solve this?
Hansen have developed a thoroughly modern connection, the Ultimate Swivel allows you to complete your washdown without the washdown hose twisting as you make your way around the yard.