The HANSEN MINI SPRINKLER has great resistance to blocking as it has full volume right to the distribution jets. It will fit pots from I00mm (4 inches) to 600mm (2 feet) diameter, The unique angle of water spray is 30°, ensuring that once height is set with the sprinkler mounted on the stake, pressure variations will not cause water to spray out of the pots.
Using the HANSEN MINI SPRINKLER prevents water drops on flower blooms and liquid feed burns. Little if any water on leaves or in crown of plants overnight, reduces cause of bulb or new growth rot.

Plants can be watered very slowly with small volumes ensuring no runoff. This prevents accumulation of water on the floor which reduces humidity during flower season. As all water used is directed onto the plant, up to 30% savings could be achieved on water and nutrient usage.

The HANSEN MINI SPRINKLER can be used in the summer months to cool plant roots and help initiate spiking.

The jets can be cleaned by loosening the cap, allowing water to flush across the face of the slots, while the sprinkler is operating.

• Orchids & Flowers
• Glasshouse Crops
• Gardens
• Landscaping
• Offices & Commercial Buildings
• Display Pot Plants

For more information, please click to download pdf brochure

Hansen Mini Sprinklers Brochure