Hansen Han-Tool
Will the Hansen Han-Tool tell me what pipe I have?
Yes, the Han-Tool will tell you if you need to use a Hansen Easy Fit Poly or Compression fitting.
Sometimes when I use the Han-Tool it will give me measurements for both types of fittings
Yes this is normal, but when measuring the outside diameter of the pipe (inserting the pipe into the tool) if the pipe sits accurately on a compression fitting mark then that is the correct fitting. Remember the difference is inside diameter pipe (ID) and outside diameter pipe (OD) so one pipe the ID has to be a correct measurement and the other the OD has to be a correct measurement.
Will the Han-Tool measure hose?
Yes, hose is generally an ID pipe.
Will the markings on the Han-Tool wear off?
No under normal wear and tear conditions the Han-Tool markings will last as they are laser etched onto the tool
Will the han-tool tell me if another brand of fitting will fit my pipe?
No we can only guarantee the accuracy of our own fittings