Ask Your Neighbour...
Last year I got tired of waiting 20 minutes to fill my Cropliner on each load. I went to Arnold Franks to get some advice and after many ideas we came up with an elevated tank which I could back the equipment under, the decision to install Hansen products was made due to the fact the equipment was going to be outside and in full exposure to the sun and natures elements. We had some other branded products installed on our irrigation system and it proved to not be up to the job.

We have 55mm pipes and fittings going into the tank on a ballcock system and full 80mm fittings going out of the tank reducing fill times to 2.5 minutes, that’s almost 1000 litres per minute!

I am delighted with Hansen products, they are easy to use and bullet proof, we have a major upgrade of the irrigation system happening soon and we will use their products again, without question.

- Trevor - Whangarei -