Ask Your Neighbour...
For the last couple of years I have been running a small lifestyle block where I keep some sheep, a few goats and horses. I recently purchased an additional block to give them some more space, so I needed to connect up my existing water system. I went down to my local rural supply store and grabbed a roll of 25mm poly pipe along with some Hansen fittings; these were not foreign to me as I have used them for years

Upon installing the new line I noticed the connection between the old pipe and new 25mm pipe kept leaking despite a number of attempts to fix it. Luckily that day my neighbour came over; I asked him for advice and he suggested contacting a Hansen Water System Specialist. So I called their 0800 and spoke to a bloke called Nigel who turned up the next day.

Turns out the pipe on my existing block was a different type and size than the new poly pipe I had bought. Nigel wrote me out a list of the fittings I needed to replace and once I purchased them he even helped me install them. What a great service!

The new system is now working perfectly just as my old system was. Turns out, Hansen had not changed their fittings but in fact they now make another range of fittings so you can attach your new type of pipe to your old type of pipe.
Thank you Hansen.

- Bronwyn Tily, Tisbury (Invercargill) -