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Hansen Ball Valves - “Frost Friendly” What Does That Mean?

Many Irrigear Members have enthusiastically taken in this range since it was first introduced by Davydick back in November 2007. Feedback clearly shows that dealers & end users really like the smooth open & close action, the positive “click” to open, and the true Full Flow characteristic. Not to mention the confidence in knowing that each valve has been Hand Tested twice using air and water.

One feature of these ball valves has created quite a bit of interesting debate, and a fair bit of scientific & unscientific experimentation too; Each HBV label shows a cute little logo with the words “FROST FRIENDLY”. Many people have asked just what does this means. The old saying goes: “A picture says a thousand words”, and one of Davydick’s Irrigear customers was kind enough to provide the picture above. The solid block of ice trapped inside the valve very clearly illustrates how well the Hansen Ball Valves perform in frosty conditions. Frozen solid in the field, this Hansen Ball Valve was right as rain while adjacent fittings failed.

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