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NEW at National Fieldays from Hansen
Products were two high-performance
trough and tank valves.
The Superflo and Maxflo valves,
designed to address farmers’ stated
water problems, deliver high volumes
at high or low pressures, regardless of whether the water is clean or dirty.
Notably, the Hansen Superflo valve has a ‘slipper fit’ piston patent pending) which is guaranteed not to stick open or closed – simple and reliable.
Operating from 0.2 Bar, delivering 188L/m at 29 psi.

The Hansen Maxflo valve uses the company’s 30-year proven ‘performance’ diaphragm. It has
minimal parts and requires no tools to maintain. Operating from 0.2 Bar, flows delivering
570L/m at 29 psi.
Says Hansen, “Our Superflo and Maxflo valves outperformed all other valves we tested.
Our aim was to address as many farmers’ trough and tank valve problems as
we could, which we believe we have done.”
Sold via rural retail outlets.

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