Ask Your Neighbour...
I recently purchased 50 Hansen Maxflo Trough Valves from my local Farmlands store to put into the 50 brand new dairy troughs on my farm. A couple of months after installing them I noticed that over half of the troughs were in fact slowly overflowing.

So I went to Taupo Farmland store and explained the problem. I was not happy. Farmlands Manager John Calkin called his Hansen contact Marty Hughes and together they decided that the only way to sort this was to test the faulty valves themselves. The next day they both came round to my farm.

After all the pressure tests and checking a number of valves it turned out that the valves were not at fault. After further investigation to determine the actual problem it was discovered that not enough thread tape was used on initial installation between the Hansen plastic nipple and the trough brass nipple. When the valve was screwed in, the thread tape simply pushed back up the thread allowing the water to pressurise up the thread and into the trough. With the cows out of the paddock for three weeks, the trough was slowly filling and overflowing. What a rookie mistake.

The problem is fixed now and everyone is happy.

- Wayne Chamberlin, Farmer, Taupo -