Ask Your Neighbour...
Thirsty calves or flooded paddocks are not an option when you run a Farm Water Services Business for 20 years. In the past I had trouble with overflowing or empty troughs caused by valves not operating properly because they couldn’t handle the pressure.

I needed a trough valve I could trust to ensure my customers troughs were supplied with the right amount of water at the right time.

One afternoon I was discussing this with my neighbour when he suggested trying the Hansen FastFlo Valve. I was intrigued as I had been using Hansen pipe fittings for years so I knew they were a great Kiwi company that produced top quality products.

So I spoke to my local Hansen Water System Specialist for some advice and was introduced to a product that would guarantee the right balance of pressure and flow.

I soon started using the Hansen FastFlo trough valve in all my dry stock systems and everyone is happy! The FastFlo completely solved the ‘Stuck Valve Syndrome’. Hansen FastFlo is an excellent ‘Go To’ valve. I use it for such a wide range of applications, in either high or low pressure, with long or short arm, top or side entry and with a large range of long or short thread inlet adaptor options to boot. If in doubt, ask your neighbour!

- Garry Beckett, owner of Farm Water Services in Waipawa -